Our Visit to Magnolia Silos!

If you’ve read or followed along some of my DIY posts, you may have noticed I’ve mentioned my love for Chip and Joanna Gaines and their show Fixer Upper on HGTV. When we moved to Houston almost two years ago I’m pretty sure the first thing I said to my husband was, “We’re going to be SO much closer to WACO now!!!!” Ever since they bought the property with the silos and moved their work headquarters there I was dyinnnnggggg to visit it. They have thought of everything with this property. I was like a kid at disneyworld – it was an amazing day! 

So the Magnolia Silos is easy to spot because of the, you guessed it, silos! There is also a HUGE shop called Magnolia Market. It is filled with gorgeous farmhouse items that you may have seen Jo use in her Fixer Uppers on TV. The quality of everything seems to be top notch, and you will find items that you can’t really find easily anywhere else (besides their website, magnoliamarket.com) They have decorated the inside of the shop almost like you’re walking through parts of a home. It’s so well done inside, that the store actually feels homey.

These faux flowers feel REAL! They are amazing quality

Then there is the little building called Silos Baking Co. You. GUYS. Listen to me now, and listen good. Because I love my baked goods, and I’ve eaten my fair share of cupcakes and desserty things. This little bakery has better tasting and better looking treats than other places that are ONLY bakeries and ones that have been around forever! I’m not exaggerating either when I say this. I’m not giving you a biased opinion because I love the Gaines’s family and everything they do. If I don’t like a cupcake from a place that’s supposed to have the best cupcakes, I would tell you. Their sweets were so delicious that I would make the three hour drive just to get some more. #forreal

Get the almond pastry! Best everrrrr

Out back is a little building where Joanna has planted gardens of seasonal flowers and produce. You can pick up things for your kid’s fairy gardens or just admire all the beautiful plantings.

If you get hungry they’ve got you covered. There are food trucks that I heard numerous people talking amongst themselves about how good all the food was. I had a Dr. Pepper pulled pork sandwich on a jalapeño cheddar bun that was suuuuuper good.

We got really lucky and were able to venture out to Waco when they had their “Spring at the Silos” event. It was three days of over 100 different vendors with all sorts of goodies from artwork, to clothing, to pottery, to housewares. It all was very cohesive with Joanna’s style and what she emulates on her show. One of the vendors even said, “I feel like everyone here could be friends!” and it was so true! We were all there because we love the show and that farmhouse style! We all had so much already in common!

We spotted Joanna’s mother, and there was a meet-n-greet with Jimmy Don (the man who makes all her custom metal signs in the homes she restores); there is a lawn to hang out on and play corn hole, relax on cushy lounge chairs, swing on the swings, listen to live music from the Silos “stage”….we even took a short drive to see Joanna’s original Magnolia store and also to see Harp Design Co. (You’ve seen Clint make custom tables and things like that on the show) – his tables are so stunning in person. You just can’t stop touching them!

Where it all began!

We took advice from others to make our trip more successful and fun and it really seemed helpful. The main things were these:

  1. Get there early
  2. Go to the bakery first (even if the line is long, it MOVES fast! We waited 45 minutes in a looooooong line of people) Order LOTS of things to eat there and take home!
  3. If the market is too busy, go right before closing (we didn’t chance it and only spent 30 minutes in line after we went to the bakery)
  4. Expect there to be a lot of people, and your wait times to be long (then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they’re not!)
  5. Relax on the lawn and people watch
  6. IF you don’t have time to wait in the line for the bakery for whatever reason, one of the food trucks is actually out back on the lawn serving all their baked items as well with a much shorter line. You don’t get to experience the inside of the actual bakery, but you’re getting the same delicious stuff.

Overall, I thought the planning that the Gaines’s and their team did was simply phenomenal. I for sure thought that with this 3-day event happening it was going to be a mob scene and that they were not going to have everything in stock, but it was quite the contrary. They were busting out cupcakes left and right, they were restocking everything before it even ran out at the market, and they had so many friendly and happy workers that it was a fantastic experience. I don’t know how they seem to be so good at everything they do! Everything details was thought of. Everything feels genuine there. This sounds really cheesy, but you feel welcome there and that there is just a spirit of friendliness in the air. Even with tons of people around, I felt uplifted and refreshed the whole time!

If you have any questions for me if you’re planning a trip to go visit Waco and the Silos, just ask! It was one of the best day trips I can remember!

love & cupcakes,

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Vacay Recap

You know how sometimes you go on a vacation and when you get home you tell yourself you need a vacation to recover from that vacation? Well, this past week was not like that.

We had a week of ultimate relaxation, with beach days every day, soaking up the sun while kayaking with dolphin, spent tons of time with both of our families (whom we haven’t seen since our wedding there four months ago), and watched fireworks from the beach on the 4th. There was even a baby shower snuck in there which was really nice to see even more family than usual. It really was a great week all together!

Here’s a photo gallery with a recap of our week at Atlantic Beach, FL.

Are you going on a trip this summer!?

love & cupcakes,


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Waterwall Park

My hubby and I are relatively new to Houston. We haven’t yet lived here one year, and are slowly getting to know the area’s attractions. This city is so completely huge that you really can find anything you want in terms of things to do.

It just so happens that my freshman year roommate now lives in Houston, and we HAD to get together when I came apartment hunting a year ago May. We went to brunch with my mom, went wedding dress shopping (as I was planning our wedding at the time), I said “YES” to the dress (!), and then we ended up at the Waterwall!


I didn’t quite know what to expect. I remember thinking, “Sooooo, a wall of water?” I definitely couldn’t picture what I was going to see.

Let me give you some history on this beautiful park. The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park was created in 1983. It started off as a privately owned park, but the city bought it in 2008 in an effort to preserve an important amenity of the city. Situated on 2.8 acres of land is this semi-circular “architectural fountain” that is 64 feet tall. Each minute that you stand there looking at this fountain, in a trance-like state I might add, you will witness 11,000 gallons of water recirculating as it cascades down the fountain walls. The park is lined with oak trees which gives a nice respite from the blazing Houston sun.



When we got there it was really beautiful right in the middle of all the Uptown hustle and bustle, but it’s laid out in such a way that you don’t notice the streets or traffic surrounding the park.

You’ll see dogs running, people picnicking, photographers with their clients, and business people enjoying some fresh air.

This is directly opposite the Waterwall on the other side of the lawn.
This is directly opposite the Waterwall on the other side of the lawn.


If you want to see a beautiful landmark in the middle of a city, then this place is for you! I recommend going in the evening when the sun isn’t so hot and you can linger on the lawn and enjoying the babbling of the Waterwall.

If you know of any other cool and beautiful spots around Houston, PLEASE let me know in the comments! We love to be tourists and see new things!

love & cupcakes,


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