DIY & Thoughtful Gift Giving

Christmas and Chanukah are just around the corner, and I thought I would round up some of my previous posts to help inspire your gift giving. If you’re stuck on a few people on your list and just don’t know what to give them, check out a couple of my simple DIYs for easy gifts. There’s a few extra ideas thrown in there for you too!

  • For the girlie girl and accessory lover, try this DIY Leather Tassel: click here!
  • For the caffeine lover, get them a Cold Brew Toddy System. They will love you FOREVER. Check out my post here and read about it/where to buy!
  • For the skin care fanatic, take your leftover coffee grounds and make them a delicious body scrub. Find out how here!
  • for the girl boss working from home/lover of chic office supplies and decor, you’ve got to make them a marbleized clipboard! Pair it with a chic set of pens and stationary and voila! Perfect gift! 
  • Lastly, if you have a certain someone on your list that you THINK you should buy a present for, but aren’t really sure? (we all have those, right?) Why not bake them something delicious and tie a cute bottle of nailpolish to whatever you package the sweet treats in? I know I would enjoy a gift like that, and it’s simple! (plus, you could keep a few of the desserts for yourself!!! BONUS!)

Here’s some easy giftable dessert recipes:

I hope this gave you a few ideas for those hard-to-buy people on your list!

Have you been naughty or nice?!

love & cupcakes,


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Gratitude + journaling.

It’s Thanksgiving week, so it’s a perfect time to think about what we are thankful for. Hopefully you are getting to spend time with family and friends at some point and getting at least a day to enjoy unplugging from the usual daily grind. It always helps make me feel refreshed to get a nice family lounge day, where there’s nothing on the agenda but to hang out and enjoy everyone’s company.

If you’re into journaling, or have always been interested in maybe starting to journal, I have included a photo from that is a 30 day journaling prompt that focuses on gratitude. It’s simple, and will inspire you to really think about all the little things in your life that you are grateful for, but never actually stop to take the time and recognize what these things mean to you.


I have always heard that journaling has a positive effect on the mind and soul, so I think I’m going to crack open a journal and try it myself. Will you?

And it may sound hokey, but I’m grateful that you’re taking the time to read this! Thank you!

love & cupcakes,


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motivation monday #15


Hi hi hi hi hi! I’m actually so glad it’s Monday because this weekend was just one of those where you are trying to survive and make it through! Now I feel like I’m back to my normal schedule and I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

How was your weekend?

Use your weekend to fuel this week ahead – if it wasn’t so great, use that to make today better. And if it was great, keep that juju going. Ride the wave baby!

Will you “up your game” today?

love & cupcakes,



P.S. – check out if you are a girl boss/entrepreneur/want to start a business around your passion etc. They’re all about girl power in the business world and lots of positive energy/support for business women!

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Yes, yes, YES!

Fill your mind with positivity and it will overflow into the rest of your life.

Sometimes it can seem hard, if not downright impossible, to keep the positive vibes going. But how about we make a pact? Let’s all work at being as positive as possible, and when we feel the negative thoughts creeping in, let’s do our best to turn it around and stop it in its tracks.

Now, who’s making the most of their Monday?

love & cupcakes,


p.s.-Happy Halloween!!!! Is anyone trick or treating?!

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motivation monday #13


Hiiiiiiii! It’s Monday again! Can you believe it?

First of all, who doesn’t love Lucille Ball? She cracked me up so bad watching her in late night episodes at sleepovers growing up.

Even if miss Lucy didn’t say this quote, I would still love it. Because without self love we can’t be our whole self. If we are happy, the people around us are happy. It’s like a big, happy snowball effect in the best way possible.

Be good to yourself, my friends! We all deserve it, and we’re all guilty of not loving ourself first at some time or another.

Have a great week!

love & cupcakes,


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motivation monday #12


Hey guys! It’s been a WHILE. Honestly I got a little lazy and life got in the way of my posting stuff here. So I’m back with another motivation Monday for you.

I saw this on pinterest and all I could think was “how true.” With everything in the news and media being so negative, especially with this election coming up, there has been such a divide amongst everyone it seems. I have kept my opinions to myself on my social media pages but as I scroll through I can’t help but notice how many people are “defriending” others based on their opinions of the presidential nominees, or how they say someone’s opinion is downright wrong because it doesn’t agree with theirs.

How about instead of falling into the negativity/judgmental trap of all that *crap*, we just put our energy into being NICE to one another? Share your love. Compliment someone. Smile at a stranger. Hold the door for someone. Say “Thank you.”

Because all of that takes less effort than being mean. And you’ll feel better knowing you made some else feel a little better too!

I hope this helped make your Monday a little bit brighter!

love & cupcakes,

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Hello, Monday!

This quote speaks to me because I think we’ve all felt like our lives are lacking direction at some time or another, but in reality if you look back, things have really changed.

My point is that we may feel as if we’re doing nothing, but every day IS leading to change and better things no matter how big or small your strides are.

Isn’t it funny though, how every day feels the same, but looking back your life has come so far? Just proves that small changes that seem like nothing really add up to good stuff!

Go kick butt this week!

love & cupcakes,


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phelpsI thought this was appropriate #motivationmonday content, seeing as the Olympics just ended yesterday.

We get caught up focusing so much on other people’s success that we forget to just keep our eye on the prize, whatever that prize may be for us. Everyone else’s end goals are different. But in the case when it’s not different (for instance, Michael Phelps and his competitor here clearly both want to win the gold medal), let’s try channeling our energy solely on ourselves and what we want to accomplish and HOW we will get there. Let’s do our best not to compare what and how we’re goal crushing with the person next to us trying to do the same thing. Not only does it amplify angst and feelings of not being good enough, but it’s going to slow us down!

Case in point – Michael Phelps isn’t looking at the next lane over….he’s looking toward the finish. And I think you know who wins 🙂

love & cupcakes,


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I’m just going to let this one sit with you, let it stew.

We always have a million things going on in our day to day life. It’s like we forget to think because we are do damn distracted all. the. time.

How about we make it our goal this week to SIMPLIFY.

Whatever that means to you. And hopefully it will help us find the simple answers.

love & cupcakes,


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Hello again!

Isn’t it bizarre how TRUE this is? It sucks to be on the receiving end, or hear through the grapevine stuff about yourself that simply isn’t true, no matter how big or small.

This is the kind of thing where I like to take a step back from myself and do a little self assessment. It can be so easy to get sucked into that game when you’re with your girlfriends and you’re gossiping about harmless nonsense (probably all about yourselves) and the next thing you know, the chatter has migrated to being about other people.

We’re all guilty. No one is perfect, it happens.

Let’s just decide right now to do our best to steer clear of this kind of “talk.” Imagine what it’s like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. We never know the other side of the story, the side we can’t see or didn’t hear about.

And ultimately, if we don’t put ourselves in these kinds of situations where we’re the ones doing the most talking about other people, then more than likely, less people will talk about us that way too.

love & cupcakes,


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