DIY Coastal Farmhouse Picture Frame

With the cooler temps and mild humidity happening in Houston recently, I’ve been getting my DIY projects done! (paint dries better when it’s not 100+ in temperature and humidity!) This DIY Coastal Farmhouse Picture Frame has that beachy charm with farmhouse vibes all in one. Sure, it sounds like a mish mosh of styles, but personally I love it. Check it out below!

So I had made this frame more than a few years ago after buying this print in Bermuda that I just fell in love with. I thought the natural wood frame looked best at the time when I decorated it with the spanish moss and seashells. Over time, it just felt like it needed something but I wasn’t sure what that was. Until I realized it would look nice and bright with a couple coats of white chalk paint, and distressed of course. You could even buy a frame already painted with the distressed look and add the spanish moss and seashells to it!

I pulled all the old seashells and spanish moss off of the frame and got to work. Here’s the directions for what you need to do with a frame from scratch.

What you need:

  • natural wood picture frame
  • wood stain
  • white chalk paint
  • fine grit sandpaper (220 is good)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • spanish moss
  • seashells


  1. take the glass and picture (if there is one) out of your frame and set it aside
  2. stain your picture frame with stain of your choice (this will show through when you distress the paint)
  3. let the stain dry (I let mine dry for 24 hours), and paint 2 coats of white chalk paint
  4. once dry, distress with sandpaper by hand
  5. wipe down with damp cloth to remove all the paint dust
  6. using your glue gun take clumps of your spanish moss and hot glue it to your frame (I chose opposite corners)
  7. lay out your seashells in a design you like BEFORE gluing! Once you like the layout, then glue them down
  8. trim some of the spanish moss so it’s not too unruly and clean up any strands of stray hot glue
  9. shake off your frame from loose moss and hang up your picture frame!

ta da!!!


I really dig the “after” look of this frame. Is this something you would try?! It really brightened up the spot on the wall where it was hanging in the bathroom.

love & cupcakes,


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