Strawberry Limonata + Cranberry Cocktail


Ugh, I had a hard time naming this blog post. You want to try a drink that actually sounds appealing. Strawberry CranLemonade…Strawberry Cranade….Strawberry Cranberry Lemonade….You see my dilemma? maybe not.


Moving on. This drink just screams summer, especially when you serve it in a classy as hell plastic wine glass. Don’t judge. Because you know what that means–I get to bring this bad boy drink to the pool. (Crossing off that summer bucket list item I posted about a few weeks ago!)
I made this drink two ways; one with strawberry lemonade vodka and one with regular vodka. Can you guess which one we BOTH liked better? (It was the one with strawberry lemonade).

These are super simple to make which is always a bonus. You don’t need a shaker or anything.


Here’s what you need:

•strawberry lemonade vodka (or regular if you prefer)
•cranberry juice
•maraschino cherries
•lemons (for a wedge and/or fancy curly lemon peel)

You can easily make this in single servings or make a whole pitcher for friends.

Take equal parts cranberry juice and lemonade and mix together. I used light lemonade because who doesn’t appreciate less calories?! Add your strawberry lemonade vodka/regular vodka to taste. I made single servings for us and I put a shot and half of alcohol. (We’re light weights, so that was plenty).

Garnish with a cherry (which wil sadly sink to the bottom and not show it’s pretty face for the photos) and a lemon peel and wedge.


Go grab a towel, bathing suit and head to the pool!

Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen!!!


love & cupcakes,


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