Beauty Faves

I got really great feedback the last time I did a “things I’m loving” in terms of beauty products so I figured it was time for another one. These are my latest beauty faves!

You may notice the mascara is familiar looking…it’s the same brand I posted about last time except it’s BLUE! Yes! L’Oréal came out with their same fabulous L’Oréal Voluminous Original mascara formula in a blue hue. I get too many complements when I wear it it’s almost embarrassing (especially because I forget I’m wearing blue mascara!) oh, and you can buy it at Walmart for under $7! It’s a no brainer and way fun for spring/summer.  This is also a nod to the first makeup I ever wore, which was purple mascara 🙂

The next thing I’m loving is my IT Your Skin But Better CC+ Full Coverage Foundation. I have acne prone skin that gets oily before the day is over.  This stuff really does make it look like it’s your skin BUT BETTER! And it helps keep my skin from looking like a shiny mess by the day’s end.  It has a nice light lemony scent that is the farthest thing from a makeup smell, it’s quite nice! I set it with my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and it’s awesome. You can get this at Ulta for around $38 (a little goes a long way).

The final product is this stunning gold, shimmery, perfection of a color nail polish. More specifically it’s Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in terra coppa. My friend introduced me to it and said she loved the formula so I gave it a try. I honestly thought I had tried all the nail polishes out there but this one surpasses them all. This stuff is self-leveling so you have a smooth finish on your nail bed and it LASTS SO LONG considering it’s not an actual gel polish. You don’t have to cure this under an LED light and it removes with normal nail polish remover. Totally try it, you won’t be disappointed. It easily lasts a week without chipping and that’s super long in my opinion. I want all. The. Colors. And a bottle will cost your around $8. Not too shabby.

Which one are you wanting to try?!

love & cupcakes,


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