Summer Bucket List

Since we have finally reached the official start of summer I thought it would be nice to dream a little by making a summer bucket list!

Whenever I see someone else’s wish list of things they want to do over the summer it always makes me want to make my own.

Will we accomplish all the things on this list? Who knows! (Probably not lol) but I’m sure gonna try!!

I hope my list helps inspire you to do some fun things that you normally wouldn’t do or have always wanted to do!

My Summer Bucket List

  1. Take a weekend trip to Austin, TX
  2. Practice my photography skills
  3. See a summer movie and order all the popcorn
  4. Grill at the pool
  5. Attend an outdoor event that only happens in the summer
  6. Make homemade ice cream
  7. Have drinks in my bathing suit (an adult drink)
  8. Visit Magnolia Farm in Waco, TX (any Fixer Upper fans out there??)
  9. Start and finish a book – any suggestions for a really good one?
  10. S’mores!!!!

What do YOU wanna do this summer?!

love & cupcakes,


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