DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt

Ooooooo I’m so happy with how this easy DIY No Sew Christmas Tree Skirt came out! I bought myself a white Christmas tree this year (I’ve been eyeing them for a while, now), and so when I got it all decorated and put my old Christmas tree skirt around the bottom, it just didn’t fit with the look and feel the rest of the tree had. Every time I was out at the store I went to the holiday section to see if I could find a cuter, more whimsical tree skirt, but I never had any luck.

That’s when I decided to make my own. I remember my favorite bloggers from A Beautiful Mess doing a tutorial on one last year; I headed over to their site for some inspiration, and then headed to the fabric store!

Here’s what you need:

  • fabric of your choice and size (I used faux fur in a textured “chevron” pattern)
  • felt in a similar color and same size as your fabric choice (this will be the back and give it more weight)
  • pom pom trim (enough to go around the circumference of your tree skirt)
  • hot glue gun
  • fabric scissors
  • ribbon (leftover scraps work fine because you won’t see it)
  • tape measure
  • marker
  • string


  1. Determine how big you want your tree skirt (mine was 40″ diameter)
  2. lay out your FELT and measure/mark a square on the felt big enough for your circle to fit inside of it
  3. fold your square into quarters (so in half, and then half again)
  4. depending on what size diameter you are making your skirt, find the radius and cut a string to that length and tie it around your marker (give a little extra for the knot around the marker)
  5. with the loose ends of your folded square piece of felt being at the top and right side of your square, anchor your string at the bottom left corner of your square with your thumb.
  6. pull the string taught, and keeping the marker at a consistent up and down angle, draw the curve of your circle
  7. cut along that line and unfold your felt to see your gorgeous circle!
  8. take your fabric of choice and flip it upside down
  9. lay the felt circle you just cut on the back and trace around the circle
  10. cut out your fabric circle with a little bit of extra (just enough so it covers any felt peeking out from the edge)
  11. flip it right side up, so you are looking at the top of the actual fabric (how it will be under the tree)
  12. Start gluing the edges of the fabric and felt together
  13. once you have the two pieces of fabric glued together, fold your circle in half and with the felt side facing you, and find the center of that piece
  14. Take a circular object (mine was a 3-wick candle) and align it at the center point so that half of the circle is on the fabric and half is off of it.
  15. Trace around the candle, and cut along the line.
  16. unfold to see your circle in the middle (this is where the base of the tree will go)
  17. from that inner circle, trace or eyeball a straight line and cut all the way through to the outer edge of fabric
  18. hot glue the felt and fabric along the inner circle we just created and the two sides along the cut we just made
  19. take 6 pieces of ribbon (about 5 inches each) and glue them close to the edge of the straight cut we made This will create three sets of ties to close our tree skirt once it’s around the tree.
  20. take your pom pom trim and start gluing along the edge of the circle from the underside of the tree skirt
  21. flip over your tree skirt, oo and ahhhh at your handiwork and go put it under your tree! No one will ever believe you made it yourself!

See what a difference the tree skirt makes? Check out these before and afters:

Happy Holidays!!

love & cupcakes,


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