How To: Fix a leaky shower head

I think of myself as the handy one in our house. No offense to Geoff, but if there’s something that needs doing that typically “the man” would do, I usually end up doing it myself (and sometimes with a little help from “the man”)  😉  If there’s anyone out there that thinks a guy is sexy when he’s under the kitchen sink, they have never been serenaded on a daily basis by the sweet sounds of a classical pianist. That’s right, ladies….I’ve got a hunk who knows how to use his hands in other ways.

Anywhooo, I credit my basic knowledge and ability to get my hands a little dirty from my dad. THANKS DAD! I watched him around the house growing up – he was always fixing something, improving something, or maintaining one of our cars. It was great because I know it saved my parents a lot of money not having to have a handyman come over for every little thing. It was also great because I learned a lot just by watching, and being curious as to what he was doing meant that I was always asking my dad questions too.

Looking back on it is actually a really sweet memory. I’m so thankful I have a dad like mine whom I could learn so much from. I’m always sure to tell my dad whenever I fix something or bust out some tools around the house – because I want him to know I was able to do whatever it was because of him. 

That brings me to our leaky shower head…..oooo exciting I know! BUT it’s a good skill to have, as I’ve done this with our past 3 showers. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to have a pool of water trickling down the outside of their tub.



You only need two things for this fix: Thread Seal Tape and some kind of wrench or pliers. Oh, and I will mention one thing. The tape is gonna set you back a whopping 97 cents. I’m not kidding.



First you need to unscrew the shower head from the pipe going into the wall. Get it started with your wrench, and then you can probably unscrew it the rest of the way by hand.

Remember, Righty tighty, lefty loosey.



Once you do that you will take your Thread Seal Tape and wrap it around the threaded part of the pipe. You will wrap it about 4 times around, CLOCKWISE, leaving a small bit exposed (the bit closest to where you will reattach the shower head). It helps if you keep the tape taught as you wrap. When you are done wrapping, rip the tape, and smooth then end onto the pipe. It sticks to itself.

Reattach the shower head, turn on the water, and check that the water isn’t leaking from where you attached the shower head. If it is, you either didn’t use enough thread seal tape, or you simply didn’t tighten the shower head enough with your wrench/pliers. Use your muscles!


I decided since I had the supplies out I also added Thread Seal Tape where the hose attaches from the hand held shower head. That bad boy is never gonna leak!

If you have a leaky shower and have been intimidated by fixing it, DON’T be! It’s SO easy peasy!

love & cupcakes,


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