phelpsI thought this was appropriate #motivationmonday content, seeing as the Olympics just ended yesterday.

We get caught up focusing so much on other people’s success that we forget to just keep our eye on the prize, whatever that prize may be for us. Everyone else’s end goals are different. But in the case when it’s not different (for instance, Michael Phelps and his competitor here clearly both want to win the gold medal), let’s try channeling our energy solely on ourselves and what we want to accomplish and HOW we will get there. Let’s do our best not to compare what and how we’re goal crushing with the person next to us trying to do the same thing. Not only does it amplify angst and feelings of not being good enough, but it’s going to slow us down!

Case in point – Michael Phelps isn’t looking at the next lane over….he’s looking toward the finish. And I think you know who wins 🙂

love & cupcakes,


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