Hi Ya’ll! Happy Monday! At least I hope you’re having a fabulous start to the week!

This weekend flew by! Geoff has been away for 2 weeks, and I did a pretty good job of keeping myself occupied while he was gone, BUT I am so glad he’s back now! You can only trick yourself into thinking you’re not lonely for so long!

Oh, and if you celebrated Father’s Day yesterday I hope you enjoyed your time with your loved ones! Dad’s are the best 🙂

Now, back to why I started this post! If you’re already feeling like this week just isn’t your week….study. this. picture. Embody this picture. Shout it from the rooftops. (ok, maybe wait until you’re NOT at work to shout that!) Because YOU are going to make tomorrow your BITCH! I believe that you can conquer this week! You are a badass! Stop trolling Facebook and getting sucked into the fake reality that everybody else’s lives are happier, trendier, more perfect that yours. Trust me, you’re good.

So finish up this Monday with a positive attitude (or fake it, you’re allowed!), have a glass of wine when you get home, make a to-do list for tomorrow — wait, make that a TACKLE list — and go to bed thinking about how GREAT tomorrow is going to be. Because you are a rockstar and tomorrow is not ready for this bossbabe <– that’s you! coming at ’em!

love & cupcakes,


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