952c7a6960d6b02cebf8ef706f55a9eeHappy Monday 🙂

Some pretty terrible things have been happening out there in the universe this past week. And while I’ve seen many people offering their opinions on it all, I don’t feel that adding one more (mine) will make a difference. (Actions, not opinions inspire change).

What I do know and feel is that many of us can undoubtedly say that NOTHING of this nature should ever happen to anyone. Unfortunately there are things that we will never be able to rationalize as to why they occur.

With that said, cherish the beauty in the small things. Because you will realize that the small things are what make up the big things in life.

Hug your friends, tell your family you love them. Smile at strangers.

Make the world a kinder place. And let it start with us.

love & cupcakes,


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