Repurposed Candle Jar

Today’s project isn’t really a project at all. I think it took me all of 5 minutes (and that’s being generous). Im sure you have used empty candle jars for things like cotton balls and q-tips in your bathroom already, but this one is to “transform” an empty candle jar into a pen/pencil holder for your desk. I like the femininity of the silver lid so instead of just throwing it away and putting my pens in a clear jar, I decided to make the lid a permanent part of the jar by making it the base of the container.

This is almost too easy to count as a DIY…


  • empty and clean candle jar
  • E6000 craft adhesive (I’ve heard amazing things about it); I used 732 multi purpose sealant because I don’t have E6000 yet 🙂

Instructions: (are you ready?)

  1. clean the wax from your used up candle. When my candle no longer lights but there is still wax at the bottom of a jar, I use my candle warmer to melt the wax; pour it into the garbage (NOT down the drain!); and wipe it out with paper towels and then wash with soap and an abrasive sponge.
  2. put a ring of glue around the inside of the candle lid
  3. set your clean empty candle jar on top
  4. put your pens in, and voila!

See? Easy!

love & cupcakes,

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