Scrap Wood Wall Hooks

I made this project with a scrap piece of 1X4, and then added wall hooks from Hobby Lobby. It was a pretty simple DIY actually! I’m still going strong with my love for farmhouse looking details and I wanted to get rid of our awkward coat rack that took up too much space by replacing  it with these Scrap Wood Wall Hooks. This could be the perfect thing for your entryway to hang your purse, umbrella, light jacket or cardigan when you come inside while still being stylish.

Here’s the breakdown:


  • scrap wood of your choice in length
  • wood stain
  • rag
  • hammer
  • sander
  • sawtooth picture hangers
  • screws
  • wall hooks
  • index cards and black inky pen
  • ruler
  • scissors

How to:

  1. Sand all edges of your scrap piece of wood so that they are rounded (it looks more used than brand new that way)
  2. If you want to get a more rugged distressed look like I did, take your hammer and hit the piece of wood in random places. Try using different pressure and take the prongs of the hammer (what do they call that part of a hammer?!?!?!) and scrape it across the surface. This will mark up the wood and show up nicely when you stain it.
  3. Stain your wood. (you can follow this with painting and distressing, but I chose not to)
  4. measure where you want your wall hooks to go on your piece of wood. I used 4 total.
  5. mark and screw them in
  6. Add your sawtooth picture hangers to the back. I used two to help distribute any weight from items hanging on the hooks. Make sure they’re even.
  7. Hang your wall hooks on the wall!
  8. I had a cool spot in my wall hooks to make labels so I googled vintage numbers and came up with this design. I free handed some of it, and traced some of it directly from my iPhone screen. It was actually really convenient. Do this on index cards or paper with some weight to it. Make sure to fit your labels into their slot first, THEN do your drawing/tracing. (HELPFUL HINT: my extra fine point permanent marker did NOT make clean lines because it bled on the paper. I used an inky black pen and it was perfect!)
  9. put your labels in, and voila!

What do you think?

love & cupcakes,

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