Simple & Chic Mirrored Tray Re-do

I’m so happy I get to share this reveal with you guys! I have had this awesome mirrored tray for over three years now. It was gifted to me by my mother-in-law from homegoods. We were browsing around the aisles and I saw it and blurted out how much I had been wanting one just like this for our coffee table!

Well….I wanted one just like that, except I wasn’t thrilled about the color. But in my eyes it was still pretty great and even with the color lacking its fullest stylish potential I truly still did like it!

My mother-in-law insisted she buy it for me (and wouldn’t take no for an answer). How could I not let her buy something cute for me that I have ALWAYS WANTED?! 😉

So this pretty little mirrored tray found its way to our coffee table as I knew it would and I decorated it until I thought it looked right. And it remained with those same decor items on it pretty much for all these years. I didn’t love the blue color still, but it also really didn’t phase me either.



I recently got on a DIY kick and while I was already making a mess sanding and painting I figured why not bust out the spray paint and finally do this thang!

It was just as easy as I knew it would be and I kept thinking how I should’ve just done this sooner!


Here’s what you need:

•mirrored tray

•brown packing paper

•Exacto knife


•painters tape

•a scrap piece of wood (to elevate the tray off the ground-you should choose something you won’t mind getting spray painted!)

•drop cloth

•Rustoleum metallic paint and primer in one (I chose the color Champagne Mist)


•paper towels/clean rag


Start by prepping the parts that will be spray painted. Sand down all the surfaces to rough it up. My tray was metal and quite slick and I needed the paint to be able to grip the surface.



Next I took the packing paper and laid it on top of the mirrored part and traced/cut out the circle of paper. This protects the mirrored bottom from getting any spray paint on it. Then I used scissors to trim the circle so it was slightly under size. This makes it easier to tape it down along the edges so there is no overhang of the tape onto parts that you want painted.

Go ahead and tape down that paper! Tidy up any last edges that might be exposed to paint with your painters tape.

Use a slightly damp paper towel or clean rag to wipe off any dust from when you sanded the surface for painting. Make sure you get it all off! This will give you a better finished product and is worth taking the time to get in all those crevices!


Get your drop cloth set up and place your tray on the scrap piece of wood, or whatever you’re using to elevate the tray off the ground. DON’T skip this step. If you spray paint anything that’s sitting directly on a surface, it ain’t pretty when you try and pick it up. (Aka it sticks to the surface you spray painted it on and leaves a very untidy edge).



Spray a thin coat of spray paint on the tray and let dry. Repeat this process until you have adequate coverage. Be careful not to get too close or you’ll risk seeing drip marks.

Once it’s dry to the touch, carefully flip the tray over and spray paint any areas that didn’t get coverage when it was right side up. Make sure you look at it from multiple angles to be sure you don’t miss any spots!




Let this beauty dry, take it inside, and style it with cute knick knacks to your heart’s delight!





See? It’s so much chicer now! And I finished it in an evening between dinner and cleaning up my other messes! Isn’t that little owl/penguin so cute?!

What do you have at home that some spray paint would work wonders for?

love & cupcakes,


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