The Power of Spraypaint

This is sort of like a Transformation Tuesday thing. I had this outdoor decorative hanging ornament thing that had faded in the sun and just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. Instead of donating it to goodwill or throwing it away I decided to see what spraypaint would do for it. It made it better, and definitely more “adult” looking without the bright lime and turquoise colors. Now that is the power of spraypaint!

If you have something laying around that could use some sprucing up, try a couple coats of spray paint. You would be surprised what changing something with black, white, or metallic spraypaint can do!

I scrubbed the ornament and let it dry, covered up the marble and faux crystal with painters tape and sprayed it with two coats of Krylon Hammered Spraypaint. I wouldn’t say it looks hammered in texture, but the bronze color is really pretty and kind of rustic which is what I was going for.

Check out the pictures of how it came out. I definitely have a running list on my phone of things around our apartment that I want to “transform” with spraypaint. What are you dying to spraypaint? Give a look around and see what you find – it could make something you like, into something you LOVE!

love & cupcakes,

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