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Call me an old lady, but I am in love with these beautiful little pod thingies right here. Don’t they look like jewels?!

To be honest, I thought our dishwasher was simply not doing a good enough job. This meant we were completely rinsing and scrubbing any dish that had anything stuck on it before it went in the dishwasher to be cleaned with soap. It was as if we were hand washing our dishes before having a machine wash them. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a dishwasher, right?


Well, one day I was at Costco and we had run out of our dishwasher liquid, so I was looking for a new kind – hoping I would pick something that would solve our horrible dishwasher. (to back track, I had already taken apart the dishwasher parts and cleaned out any food particles or sludge left behind…which to be honest, there wasn’t much of thank god…because GROSS. So that helped rule out that our dishwasher wasn’t the culprit of giving us dirty dishes after the wash cycle).

I spotted this giant tub of Cascade Complete pods which I had heard good things about, and decided to try them. You guys. They are a GAME CHANGER. I purposely put wicked dirty dishes in the dishwasher, without pre-scrubbing them, and they came out cleaner and shinier than when I would do all that extra work with the old detergent!


Check out the before and after of this spaghetti plate that had sauce microwaved onto it. You know it turns into spaghetti sauce cement once it hits the microwave.

Amazing, right!?

So before you think your dishwasher is crap, try switching to these soap pods and see if it works the same magic it did with mine!

Time to go empty the dishwasher! Do any of you use this stuff already and love it?

love & cupcakes,


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